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Inman & Co provide expert advice and services to legal firms registered in England and Wales.

Our specialist department is headed by Ian Inman. Ian's knowledge and experience in this area was primarily gained whilst a member in the Law Society's Monitoring and Investigation which was responsible for ensuring the profession's compliance with the Rules. During his time there, Ian undertook numerous inspections assessing firms' compliance. The outcome of the inspections would range from providing on site guidance to the firm or in the case of substantial non compliance or suspicion of dishonesty, the preparation of an inspection report culminating in its presentation to, and Ian giving expert witness evidence at, the Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal.

Ian has also held positions as the Head of Finance of a London Law Firm and as the Practice Manager of a Sydney Law Firm, so we are well placed to be able to assist firms to meet the current business and regulatory challenges.

The services we provide are as follows; Advice regarding the application of the Solicitors' Accounts Rules in Relation to: day to day bookkeeping requirements, treatment of specific transactions, overall compliance requirements. Our knowledge in this area means that we can provide concise and practical solutions to any problems or uncertainty you are encountering.

The completion of the annual Accountants' Report.

As we have expert knowledge in the reporting requirements for the completion of the Report, we can ensure a value for money service that we are confident will be competitively priced. We aim to add value to our service and will communicate any improvements required to ensure that your accounting and compliance procedures are operating effectively.

Advice and assistance in relation to a Solicitors' Regulatory Authority inspection.

You may have been notified of an inspection and would like assistance in preparing for it. We can assist to ensure that all necessary documentation and information requested is made available to the SRA officer. You may have already have had an inspection and would like assistance in dealing with on-going correspondence with the SRA we can help to ensure the situation is dealt with swiftly and professionally.

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